Divine Science

Divine Science

An Ideal Form of a University

Divine Science was born out of the soul, spirit and heart of German humanity studies  as a gift to the world. Every culture has a gift to be given to the divine orchestra of humanity played on earth. Together we can create a symphony of our hearts, souls and spirits, so that everyone can live a divine life and follow their soul’s purpose and mission on earth. 

Independent Research

International Understanding

Art, Science & Spirituality

Feminine Science

Sex, Gender & Humanities

Quantum Physics

“Sapere Aude” – “Dare to Know” was the headline of the Age of Enlightenment. Rational thinking and common sense are highly regarded values in our western societies, which are intended to solve our problems. However, how is it, that even though we live in a highly rationalized society and yet, there are so many problems, although we believe, rationality is the glue to fix everything?


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