Divine Science was born out of the soul, spirit and heart of German humanity studies (Deutsche Geisteswissenschaft) as a gift to the world.

Every culture has a gift to be given to the divine orchestra of humanity played on earth. Together we can create a symphony of our hearts, souls and spirits, so that everyone can live a divine life and follow their soul’s purpose and mission on earth.

Divine Science is deeply dedicated to the highest soul-good for humanity and is owned by life itself. It was created through me to serve humanity in building a society based on love and honour.

It is inspired by the ancient academy of the philosopher Platon, whose aim it was to develop the divine male principle in the form of wisdom and knowledge. As the modern times have forgotten about this and far more about the divine female principle, represented in the prophetess Diotima in the way of feeling as a form of knowledge, Divine Science seeks to build an academy where male and female forms of knowledge are taught in unison.

Therefore Divine Science seeks to “connect the worlds” of feeling and thinking, masculine and feminine, mind – heart and gut and in this way also the different cultures in the world as they often misunderstand as a result of different ways of thinking. Eastern cultures in general think more with their feeling or intuition as opposed to the western cultures, who do more with their mind.

Both masculine thinking and feminine feeling are integrated in Divine Science as an intuitive divine look where all veils have fallen down into divine grace and glory, which then can bring back the essence of heaven on earth.

Divine Science is based on the philosophical tradition of: Plato, Aristotle, Friedrich von Schiller, Wolfgang von Goethe, Immanuel Kant, Wilhelm von Humboldt, Georg Simmel, Max Weber, Hannah Arendt etc.

With my deepest gratitude and blessings
Dr. phil. Gabriele Maria Sigg
Founder and CEO