Dr. phil. Gabriele Maria Sigg
Founder & CEO

From early childhood on Gabriele was confused about the non-understanding of feelings in the world she was living in. While successfully mastering all education systems and holding a PH.D from Humboldt-University of Berlin, she always noticed the missing link of “Emotional Education” within education systems. This inspired her to found “Divine Science” in 2019.


Andreas Zimmermann
Philosophic & Scientific Advisory Board

Andreas and Gabriele met during their doctorate studies while holding a scholarship from the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Freedom. Here they discussed within the realms of Greek philosophic traditions and German idealism (Deutscher Idealismus) the details of a society, which can be build upon the soul’s highest good. Andreas is an expert on Friedrich Schiller, which one could say, was also a supporter of the divine female principle in science. He works at the University of Cologne as a lecturer.

Andreas@University of Cologne

Prof. Dr. Peter Hubral
Philosophic & Scientific Advisory Board

Peter Hubral, Professor of Geophysics, was a convinced Natural Scientist, while during his expeditions in foreign cultures like Brazil, he started to doubt the Western-Scientific-Approach. He started practicing Dao from Fangfu, a Chinese Master from a more than thousand years old tradition ( As a not easy to convince man that he was educated in all scientific methods, what he learned from his Dao-Teacher convinced him more than anything before.


Jeremias Hruby
Social Media Editor

Jeremias is a student of Rhetoric and Philosophy at the University of Tübingen, Germany. As a former student of Dr. Gabriele Sigg, Jeremias caught her attention with an essay he wrote about honour and being a light warrior. He now creates social media content for Divine Science where he brings together his passion for philosophical enquiry and photography.

Benedikt Just
Business Advisor

Benedikt Just is the Founder and Director of “The Heart Revolution” and a Filmmaker. During his lifelong studies, he discovered the true role of the human heart, which is not only a pump, but also a story that needs to be redefined…After 10 years as a Sound Designer in the German Movie Industry, as well as “Heilpraktiker” (German Naturopath) and the work with Emotional Body Enlightenment, he now puts all his experience together in his current work.