Independent Research

Divine Science is free from any political or economic interests. Its’ only aim is to serve humanity for the highest and divine good of all beings. All scientists working in the Academy for Divine Science live their Life and do their research in this dedication to the highest good for all of us. 

International Understanding

Divine Science aims to make the different cultural languages comprehensible, which on a higher perspective can be seen as a lack of understanding of the female and male way of thinking and acting. Eastern Cultures in general “think” more with their feelings than with their minds as western cultures tend to do so. This happens often subconsciously and is inscribed in the structure of people without them being aware of it.

Art, Science & Spirituality

Art represents the soul of society and science the spirit. As Divine Science integrates a soul-spirit-based intuitive and sentient thinking, it also goes beyond the separation of the arts and science. With the combination of science and spirituality it also ends an endless war between two main forces, which need to be aligned and serve together with the arts for the highest good of humanity.

Scientific Communication

Divine Science was created to enable true and authentic research for the highest good of all in the sense of the Greek “universitas” and in search for the truth. As still it is a science, some things need a specific language, but at the same time, it will seek to make research accessible for all humans who are interested in it in forms of story telling.

Feminine Science

In addition to the dominating masculine science ….. 

Sex, Gender and Humanity

Divine Science will put its’ research interest beyond any ideological forms of knowledge and will be open-hearted and open-minded ask for the constitution of man and woman. Man and woman both carry the male and female principle within themselves and as all divine lives in balance and harmony, it is the purpose to balance those aspects in both genders as well as acknowledging the difference of both. In the further development of humanity there might be a divine answer beyond all aspects, we think we can grasp at the moment.

Quantum Physics

Divine Science considers Quantum Physics as an important connection, to make the spiritual knowledge more accessible within humans, still Divine Science is primarily pre-scripted to a philosophical way of thinking, however, the separation of natural sciences and spiritual sciences will need to be transformed within the development of a new paradigm.